Reminders For Your Upcoming Rental

Things To Know About Your Event Rental
If you’re reading this then you have ordered a rental for your event.

Here are a couple of reminders to make sure everything goes smooth:

CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposits are non refundable and guarantee your rentals for the day of your event. The 50% deposit can be applied towards another rental within 1 year of your original reservation date. We will refund deposits in the event of rain on your event date or unsafe weather conditions (high winds).

REMAINING BALANCE: If you only paid the deposit for your rentals, the remaining balance is due at time of delivery. The remaining balance can be charged to the card on file or paid in cash at delivery. We do not accept checks except for church and school events. Please note that our drivers do not carry any change and any overpayment will be considered a tip for the drivers.

SPRINKLERS: We are not responsible for any damage to sprinkler systems on the property due to stakes or staking. If you have a sprinkler system please let us know where not to stake. If your rental is overnight, please ensure your sprinklers are turned off as they will flood the jump. If they are left on and the jump is flooded a cleaning fee will be applied.

GENERATORS: We deliver our generator rentals filled with gas. You are responsible for checking the gas level every hour and adding more gas if needed.

LEAVING EQUIPMENT: Equipment cannot be left unattended. It is your responsibility to ensure the equipment is used safely and properly at all times. You will be liable for any theft or damage that occurs to the equipment if it is left unattended and your damage waiver will be void (if applicable). This also means that if your event is at a park, you cannot leave the park before we pickup the equipment.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a Text at 813-730-5399 or Call us at 813-995-7915. Otherwise we’ll see you soon!